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Find the right technology that lets you do more than just track your fleet. Switchboard lets you plan ahead without worrying about compliance while keeping everybody in your team up to speed, and on the road.

Better visibility for everyone in your organization

Switchboard is for transportation

Other fleet management systems get in the way, and take forever to set up. With Switchboard, get started in minutes so you can focus on what you do best: transportation.


See the big picture

Switchboard makes it easy to set up alerts for when your vehicles enter and exit a yard location. Switchboard’s dedicated support teams work with you so you can set up properly without any hassle.

Manage your fleet compliance

FMCSA Certified

Switchboard is loved by safety officers as well as operations managers, because Switchboard’s intelligent violation reports helps catch hours-of-service errors before in real time.

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“It was easy to install, my driver’s didn’t have a hard time getting used to using it. The cost per month is extremely nice. We would recommend to anyone looking for ELD’s.”

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