Switchboard Weigh Station Bypass

Save wasting time at the scale with Switchboard Bypass.

We provide the easiest way to bypass weigh stations without having to install any transponder. Avoid risking your fleet safety score with Switchboard today.

Skip the scales

Designed for transportation

Get set up and running in minutes.
Drivers get notified whenever they are nearing a weigh scale, and get a visual reading of bypasses right on the Switchboard app. Switchboard allows you to do what you do best: Transportation.

Trusted by fleets all across North America

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Bypass scales all across North America

Skip 800 scales in 47 states

Switchboard provides bypasses in over 512 weigh stations and agricultural inspection sites, and over 313 operations mobile inspection sites across North America.

Manage your fleet compliance

FMCSA Certified

Our ELD allows you to catch hours-of-service errors before they occur in real time with our Intelligent Violation Reports. Switchboard is loved by both operations managers and safety officers.

"We use the software everyday. It does everything we need it to. Almost to the point that we take it for granted just how well it works. And the support is what you would hope every companies support would be."
Dwain G.

“It was easy to install, my driver’s didn’t have a hard time getting used to using it. The cost per month is extremely nice. We would recommend to anyone looking for ELD’s.”

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