Switchboard ELD hours-of-service US/Canada switching animation
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Simple to use ELDs

Worry less about how to manage your ELD, and get running on the road.

Automated HOS Warnings
You'll never guess when you'll need to take a break.

Automated Odometer / ECM Connectivity

Painless retrieval of important ELD information

IFTA Reporting Automation

Calculate your mileages in minutes, not hours.

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Compliant with Indiana Hours-of-Service

Switchboard supports all US DOT/FMCSA & Canada NSC hours-of-service rules

Select your preferred HOS cycle (including freight, oil field, forestry logging, and passenger rules) in 3 clicks.

Keeps track of both US and Canada cycles so you stay compliant when crossing the border.

Switchboard ELD hours-of-service US/Canada switching animation
Switchboard ELD Duty Status change animation
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Complete Pre-Trips & Post-Trips

Pass CDL inspections with ease

Switchboard allows you to complete proper pre-trip and post-trip inspections before going on duty.

Support for multiple trailers / b-trains, containers & chassis equipment ensures that you're able to complete your pre-trips before heading on the road.

Switchboard also provides C-TPAT inspections. Let us help you today.

Ready to save time and money on your hours-of-service compliance?

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