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Transformative technology: Powering Growth for Think Box Logistics

August 24, 2023
March 5, 2024

We spoke with their founder and CEO, Thej, to earn how Think Box Logistics powered their business growth with an easy-to-use hours of service solution.

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Think Box uses Switchboard to manage their fleet

Think Box is a carrier based out of Brampton, Canada, who has grown significantly over the last couple years, and maintained that growth through COVID. We spoke with their founder and CEO, Thej, on their experience transitioning to Switchboard ELD Technology and how it has impacted their trucking business.

The Challenge

Prior to starting Think Box, Thej was working as an operations manager at another trucking fleet that was using KeepTruckin / Motive as their ELD provider. While there were many issues that the fleet had experienced with KeepTruckin / Motive from a usability standpoint, he was not in a position to influence a decision to switch their fleet over to a different ELD system.

However, throughout his time as Operations Manager, Thej had gotten to know the Switchboard team through our communications with them, and had a few opportunities to see the Switchboard ELD system and fleet management software in action.

Think Box Logistics and Switchboard Technology

Fast forward to the summer of 2021, as soon as Thej left the company and started Think Box, he immediately decided to set up with Switchboard as his go-to ELD and hours-of-service solution.

Switchboard's approach is great - it's very user friendly for the drivers, unlike KeepTruckin and TXT.

One major benefit that Think Box has experienced is with Switchboard's support team. He know that whenever he needs something or wants to provide feedback, the Switchboard team is available and promptly fixes any issues his team may be encountering.

We are excited to be a part of Think Box's journey as they continue to grow their operations, and serve as a reliable partner for their operations.

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