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Alternatives to PCMiler with Lower Costs

October 9, 2023
March 12, 2024

Switchboard Mileage Calculator is a user-friendly and free alternative to PC Miler.

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In the ever-evolving world of logistics and transportation, efficient route planning and optimization are crucial for businesses aiming to minimize costs and enhance productivity. PC Miler has long been a go-to solution for many, but the industry is constantly changing, and innovative alternatives are emerging to address evolving needs.

Calculating IFTA mileages using cities & trip sheets? Access our free Switchboard Mileage Calculator today to calculate distances in states & provinces instantly.

Switchboard Mileage Calculator distinguishes itself by leveraging ELD technology to offer increased accuracy and intelligence to mileage estimation. Its user-friendly interface, real-time updates, cost efficiency, scalability, and analytical capabilities make Switchboard Mileage Calculator a formidable alternative to PC Miler.

Switchboard Mileage Calculator works hand in hand with your IFTA filing. to learn more, visit: Easiest Way to Calculate your IFTA - a 4 Step Guide

If you’re trying to measure the mileage traveled by your drivers for IFTA, you need a reliable mileage calculator to help simplify the process.

While PC Miler (also known as PCMiler, or PC*Miler), one of the most widely used mileage calculators in the trucking industry, is a popular solution, it comes with a hefty price tag of $84.99/month per vehicle. Whether you’re an owner operator or a carrier, the cost of using PC Miler can quickly add up over time and cut into your profits.

Switchboard Mileage Calculator

Switchboard's Mileage Calculator lets you instantly obtain mileage reports per state at the click of a button without having to type in a single city. Switchboard is optionally integrated with your truck's ECM, which allows it to calculate mileage from actual odometer readings driven by your vehicles. As a result, you're not only able to obtain mileages for your vehicles in one-click, you're able to obtain precisely the true mileages your drivers and vehicles have completed.

Obtaining mileages by Driver: Using the Switchboard Mileage Calculator, the Driver & Date section allows you to enter your driver and dates, to pull up exactly what miles they have driven on that day. The Switchboard Mileage Calculator also breaks down the mileages by State & Province. It will generate not only the total mileage traveled by the driver that day, but also a map of the route they took.

Route Planning: With Switchboard Mileage Calculator, trip planning is a breeze. Switchboard allows users to quickly input route data, plan trips, and access crucial mileage information with minimal effort.

Integration with IFTA Reporting: Switchboard Mileage Calculator lets you calculate IFTA mileages at the click of a button, and comes with our Switchboard Cloud System & IFTA features. Our IFTA features utilize our mileage calculation algorithm to allow you to generate mileages reports quarterly. Switchboard IFTA also supports fuel card imports, which let you generate a full report for entry into your IFTA filing.

Want Switchboard Mileage Calculator for free?

Switchboard Mileage Calculator is included as part of our automated IFTA reporting functionality, allowing you to easily spot check your drivers’ mileage and routing for any given day. See if Switchboard can save you time and simplify your operations and IFTA reporting.

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