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Switchboard - ELD Technology Certified by Transport Canada

August 17, 2023

We are happy to announce that the Switchboard ELD is now fully third-party certified for the Canadian ELD mandate. As of 2023, Switchboard is now officially certified by Transport Canada. Switchboard has worked closely with CSA Group to ensure that Switchboard’s ELD system passes tests designed by Transport Canada.

As a certified ELD system, Switchboard provides proper operation in all aspects of hours-of-service on the road. Whether with a co-driver, or crossing the border into USA, drivers using Switchboard will be safe and compliant. For the past five years, Switchboard have helped thousands of transportation fleets and owner operators across Canada & the US to simplify their hours-of-service and fleet operations with our all-in-one ELD and fleet management platform.

Being certified is one more indicator that fleets can rely on Switchboard for their operations.

Canadian ELD Mandate full enforcement in January

Transport Canada has provided a one year ‘grace period’ for carriers and owner operators to make the transition to using certified ELDs. In order to avoid hours-of-service, safety, and compliance violations that can negatively impact transportation operations, fleets and drivers will have to adopt and implement ELDs before January 1, 2023. If ELDs are not installed by January 2023, drivers will be subject to violation fines and may receive out-of-service orders. In addition, fleets can be under additional scrutiny and safety score downgrades if they are found to be non-compliant. In order to help you make this transition smoothly and easily, Switchboard is currently offering new customers a 25% discount for its Switchboard ELD system.

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