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Electronic Logs
Everything you need to start growing from day 1.
Hours of Service Compliance
Log Editing
24/7 Support (3 languages)
GPS Asset Tracking
Track better with accurate and precise GPS.
Real-time & Historical GPS
Smart Geofence & Reports
Optional Temperature Monitoring
Smart Vision Dashcams
Avoid insurance costs by accessing accident footage in real-time.
Cloud Upload & Storage
Automatic Accident Detection
Harsh Event Reporting
Weigh Station Bypass
Skip the scales and avoid wasting time on your trip.
Bypass 884 sites across North America
No Transponder Required
Driver Notifications
Fleet Management
IFTA Automation, Driver Analytics, Engine DTC Analytics, and more.
IFTA Automation & Miler
Document Scan & Send
Driver Dispatch
Maintenance Reminders

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Switchboard ELD solution compliant with the U.S. and Canada ELD mandates?

The Switchboard ELD solution is certified for use across the U.S. and Canada.

In the U.S., Switchboard is FMCSA-registered to fully meet the requirements of the U.S. ELD mandate.
In Canada, Switchboard is fully third-party certified for the Canadian ELD mandate.

Which HOS (hours-of-service) cycle rules does Switchboard support?

We recognize that not everyone needs or is ready to use all of Switchboard's features. That's why we offer the ability to tailor the plans to meet your specific needs.

Which vehicles are compatible with Switchboard?

Switchboard plugs into all standard 9-pin, 6-pin, or OBDII diagnostic ports.

If you’re using a model year 2013 or newer Mack or Volvo truck, Switchboard provides a special cable harness. We also provide Y-cables so you can hide the cabling behind a trim panel.

Can I use Switchboard without cellular data?

Yes. Switchboard ELDs can be used offline, however, the driver must regularly connect to a WiFi hotspot to save your log data.
We recommend using our products with a cellular data plan. Switchboard provides tablet hardware with cellular connection to allow drivers that use the Switchboard to meet their obligations under the ELD rule.

How does the Switchboard ELD record driving time?

When the Switchboard ELD detects that the vehicle is moving faster than 5 mph, the vehicle is considered in the Driving duty status.
Driving time is automatically recorded on the driver’s log, and ELD mandate requirements states that the 5 mph speed threshold can’t be adjusted.

Does Switchboard support Personal Conveyance and Yard Move?

Yes. A driver can select Personal Conveyance or Yard Move as special driving categories in the Switchboard ELD, when enabled by the fleet. Any driving time recorded by the Switchboard ELD while the driver has selected Personal Conveyance will be considered Off Duty time. Any driving time recorded while the driver has selected Yard Move will be considered On Duty time.

Fleet managers with adequate permissions can enable or disable a driver for the Personal Conveyance and Yard Move special driving categories. They can find that capability in the Switchboard Cloud Platform.

Drivers operating under Canadian HOS cycles will automatically be switched to Driving status once they exceed the 75 km Personal Conveyance limit and 32 km/h Yard Move limit.

Does the Switchboard ELD support team driving (co-drivers)?

Yes, teams can manage their Hours of Service, view inspections, and review documents from a shared device. They can also switch between driver profiles easily without logging in/out.

What happens when a driver is in an area with no cellular data service?

No problem. Switchboard automatically records all HOS log information under the logged in driver, so that when you are back in cellular data service, all log information is saved.

What data transfer types does the Switchboard ELD support for roadside inspections?

Switchboard supports the two telematics data transfer protocols specified by the FMCSA for roadside inspections: web services and email. Switchboard also supports Canadian email transfer protocols.

What our customers say about Switchboard

Switchboard is very user friendly, easy to learn and adapt to technology. We have been working with Switchboard for a long time. You guys go the extra mile to keep us happy. Customer service responds quickly and issues are sorted faster. Best investment we ever made, prices are fair. Thank you!

Sukh Kamboj

Richmond Transport Ltd.

Every interaction I have had with Switchboard in my capacity as Safety and Compliance Manager at Rai Express lines Ltd. has been 100% satisfactory. Great customer service by Accounts department plus support team is knowledgeable and swift in reaching to drivers who need assistance with ELD devices.

Jack Bal

Rai Express Lines Ltd.

Switchboard is right for Centurion because it is truly built to what my fleet, dispatch, and safety divisions need. It’s simple to use, and also has all the features required for proper compliance and fleet management.


Centurion Trucking Inc.

We researched and tested over 5 different providers and we selected Switchboard, one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Dinyo Mollow, Owner

DM Express Inc.

“Switchboard is really easy to use. Our drivers were able to figure out how to operate it on their first trips out.”

Sam Pattison, Owner

T&P Trucking

It was easy to install, my driver's didn't have a hardIt was easy to install, my driver's didn't have a hard time getting used to using it. The cost per month is extremely nice. We would recommend to anyone looking for ELD's. The videos we watched were very good and informative. time getting used to using it. The cost per month is extremely nice. We would recommend to anyone looking for ELD's. The videos we watched were very good and informative.

Cathy H.

Office Manager

It's easy, the driver taps driver, then one of 4 "buttons" to change duty status. This is the first of 4 ELD's I tried that I spent more time driving than on hold with technical support.[Even] if it was no longer mandated,I'd still use it.

Steve H.

Fleet Owner

We use the software everyday. It does everything we need it to. Almost to the point that we take it for granted just how well it works. And the support is what you would hope every companies support would be.Very very good.

Dwain G.

Fleet Owner

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