Fully integrated fleet management solution

Easy to use – learn it in minutes, not days

Join 2000+ long haul companies who streamline their operations and maximize revenues using Switchboard.

Switchboard provides technology that get set up and learnt in minutes. 
Whether you’re looking for FMCSA/NSC compliance or robust fleet management solutions, we have you covered.

We start with the drivers

Are you spending too much time training and troubleshooting issues? 
That’s why we simplified hours of service compliance, to empower your drivers with everything they need to succeed.

  • Our app can be set up and learnt in 10 minutes
  • Get 24/7 access to our support teamin English, Punjabi, and Hindi

Empower your decisions with insights

Get real time reports on your drivers’ safety behavior, any HOS violations, routing, and more so you can focus your coaching and decisions on the right areas.

  • Driver analytics and HOS violation reports
  • GPS tracking and Geofence notifications

Access features you wish other fleet solutions provided

We have integrated additional functionality that will make your operations even smoother.

  • Temperature monitored trailer/asset tracking
  • Weigh station bypass - no additional transponders
  • Insurance fraud prevention - integrated dashcams

Everything you need in a single platform.



Reduce driver headaches and fines with our intuitive and easy-to-use ELD app that will make it near impossible to get violations. 

Each rule is displayed on screen with a timer – it’s that simple.



Easily identify coaching opportunities with our advanced driver analytics, and simplify communication with your team.

Each feature was designed to save you time and money, and to improve your drivers’ performance.


Never lose track of your vehicles and trailers with our asset tracks that leverage smart GPS and geofencing technology.

LTEM technology ensures your devices are consistently connected and future proof.

Switchboard is trusted by fleets all over North America

Join 2000+ long haul companies that trust and rely on Switchboard every minute of every day.

Centurion Trucking Inc
Centurion Trucking Inc
Fleet Manager
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Switchboard is right for Centurion because it is truly built to what my fleet, dispatch, and safety divisions need. It's simple to use, and also has all the features required for proper compliance and fleet management.​
T&P Trucking
T&P Trucking
Safety Officer
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Switchboard is really easy to use. Our drivers were able to figure out how to operate it on their first trips out.​
DM Express Inc
DM Express Inc
Fleet Manager
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We researched and tested over 5 different providers and we selected Switchboard, one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.​

Getting started is easy

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