Fleet Management

Modular fleet management software to fit your needs

Only pay for features that will benefit your operations

Intelligent Reports

Intelligent Driver Reports

Keep track of your driver performance in real time. Whenever your drivers violate HOS laws, speed or idle too much, Switchboard will notify you.

GPS Tracking

GPS & Geofencing

Switchboard lets you calculate time of entry, and time of exit for any location you wish. Easily obtain detention time to optimize your operations.


Save hours calculating IFTA Fuel Tax

Get instant mileage reports with Switchboard. Using a combination of GPS and odometer readings, Switchboard ensures you have absolute accuracy when calculating miles driven. 

Fleet Management Modules

Switchboard lets you configure the fleet management features you need to fit your operations.

GPS Tracking

Switchboard lets you track your entire fleet in one place in real-time.

Dispatch Communication

Switchboard allows you to chat with your drivers, and send message blasts.

Speeding & Idling Reports

Know which drivers are using up more fuel than they should immediately.

Intelligent Alerts

Switchboard provides instant alerts for Hours-of-Service violations, speeding, and idling, straight to your email inbox.

IFTA Fuel Tax Automation

Switchboard lets you instantly calculate miles driven in each state with accuracy and precision.