Fleet Management Simplified

All the features you want in a single platform

Elevate your trucking operations with Switchboard Cloud

Asset Tracking & GPS

Track your entire fleet and monitor assets in one place with our Asset Trackers

IFTA Automation

Calculate vehicle mileages in minutes, not hours, with the power of automation

Vehicle Diagnostics

Get real-time diagnostic errors on vehicle issues so you can make critical decisions faster

Dispatch & Document Management

Provide excellent customer service and manage your drivers seamlessly

Vision Dashcam

Exonerate your drivers and save money on insurance costs

Weigh Scale Bypass

Save time and money with the largest scale bypass network in North America

Empower yourself with data automation features for fleet management

Driver and Performance Management

Identify which of our drivers are on duty at any time, and view their:

  • Hours of Service Logs
  • Safety Scores - Driver Analytics, Speeding, and Idling

Set up Geofences and Track Your Fleet

Create a geofence around any location that you want, which will allow you to:

  • Track and Trace Your Fleet
  • Calculate time of entry and time of exit
  • Obtain detention time to optimize your operations
  • See historical locations of your vehicles

Dispatch - Manage Your Jobs Seamlessly

Fill more orders and shorten your invoicing process by:

  • Instantly retrieving documents from your drivers
  • Managing and dispatching jobs across your fleet, including routing and ETA

Live vehicle diagnostics

Save money and headaches by getting ahead of any issues in your fleet.

  • Know exactly when and which vehicles are acting up
  • Save a trip to the mechanic with Automatic Engine Code Translation
  • See the status of your fleet in real time

Save hours of admin work with automated IFTA Calculations

Get instant and automatic mileage report. By using a combination of GPS tracking and odometer readings, we ensure that you will have absolute accuracy when providing your mileage.

Plug and Play - Get Set Up In Minutes

Getting started with Switchboard is 4 quick steps:

1. Download the app here

2. Sign up for an account / free trial

3. Plug the ELD into your vehicle

4. Get started – With a step-by-step tutorial

Explore Switchboard's platform

See how 2000+ trucking companies use Switchboard to simplify and elevate their operations.

Asset Tracking & GPS

Track everything.

Built right into the Switchboard platform, you are able to track your assets with additional features such as

  • Real-time traffic layer
  • Historical breadcrumb positioning

Calculate time of entry and time of exit for any location you wish, and easily obtain detention time to optimize your operations

Temperature monitoring

See historical temperature readings for temperature controlled freight

Want to try it for yourself? Click below to sign up for a free trial!

IFTA Automation

High Precision Mileage Reports

Our instant mileage reports use a combination of GPS and odometer readings to provide you with absolute accuracy when calculating miles driven in each state.

It’s that simple. Try it once and never look back.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Save time and money – get ahead of any issues

  • Receive instant vehicle ECM error codes to your office
  • Automatically translated error codes to save you a trip to the mechanic shop for diagnostics

Empower yourself to make critical decisions on whether or not to fix your vehicle right away, or wait until they are back at home base

Dispatch & Document Management

Fulfill more jobs with less effort

Everything you need to keep your drivers and your customers satisfied.

  • Send message blasts or chat 1:1 with your drivers
  • Intelligent order searching with live load updates
  • Billing and general documentation management
  • Track your fleet's ETA with live GPS location and history

Seamless EDI Integration

Our document management system integrates automatically with most major EDIs to save you time and effort:

FourKites – Project44 – Macropoint – BluJay – and more!

Vision Dashcam

Protect yourself and your fleet

Get access to enterprise grade devices that have your back when incidents occur.

With Switchboard Vision, you will never be caught off guard again.

  • Full HD (1080p) Video with High Definition Replay
  • 60fps video to see historical records in detail
  • Night vision for recording in low light situations

Looking for data-enabled dashcams that enable remote uploading of videos back to the office?

Weigh Station Bypass

Save time and money every month

Compliantly skip weigh scales with bypass in over 800 sites in 43 states

  • 512 Weigh Stations and Agricultural Inspection Sites
  • 313 Operation Mobile Inspection Sites
  • Save $270/truck every month in productive time and fuel with bypass

No additional hardware or transponders

Integrated right into Switchboard so you can get started instantly.

Try bypass and start saving money today with a free trial of bypass!