If you are a trucking company operating out of Virginia, USA, you may need to register for an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) license in the state.

Not based here? Click here to obtain a general guide on how to calculate your IFTA miles & fuel tax.

If you were wondering whether or not you're exempt, know that you must register and file for IFTA if you have:

  • A vehicle with three or more axles
  • A vehicle that exceeds 11,767 kg or 26,000 lbs

Table of Contents

  • How to register for an IFTA license in Virginia
  • Virginia IFTA License Costs, Fees, and Penalties
  • Virginia IFTA License Renewal
  • How to File Virginia IFTA
  • Virginia IFTA Exemptions
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How to register for an IFTA license in Virginia

Virginia is your base jurisdiction for IFTA licensing and reporting if you:

  • have qualified motor vehicles registered in Virginia that travel on Virginia highways
  • have an established place of business in Virginia from which motor carrier operations are performed
  • maintain operational control and records for qualified motor vehicles in Virginia or can make those records available in Virginia.

A motor carrier that enters Virginia with a qualified motor vehicle more than five times in a calendar year requires obtaining an IFTA license or interstate trucker license.

You can register an application for Virginia Fuel Tax License using Virginia MCS online: https://virginiamcs.com/vaWeb/login.do

Virginia IFTA License Costs, Fees, and Penalties

Cost & Fees

There is a $10 fee for each set of IFTA decals requested.


Failure to file and/or pay your quarterly return by the due date will result in penalties, interest, and a notice of proposed revocation will be issued.

Virginia IFTA License Renewal

A renewal application must be completed annually. Your IFTA license and decals will expire on December 31, and you should submit your IFTA license renewal application before November 30th to avoid delays or penalties.

If you have not received your renewal license, Virginia allows an IFTA sticker grace period until February of the following year.

Renewal applications can be completed electronically using Virginia MCS online: https://virginiamcs.com/vaWeb/login.do

Important Documents & Online Filing

Certified ELD for Virginia commercial motor vehicles

How to File Virginia IFTA

Under IFTA, you are required to file quarterly motor fuel tax reports with your base jurisdiction.

The schedule is as follows:

  • January to March: Due April 30
  • April to June: Due July 31
  • July to September: Due October 31
  • October to December: Due January 31

You can file IFTA quarterly tax reports using Virginia MCS online: https://virginiamcs.com/vaWeb/login.do

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Virginia IFTA Exemptions

The following vehicles are exempt from IFTA licensing in Virginia, but these exemptions may not apply in other IFTA jurisdictions requiring the payment of road tax for these vehicles:

  • Vehicles owned by a licensed motor vehicle dealer that are operated without compensation for purposes related to a sale or for demonstration;
  • Vehicles owned and operated by federal, state, or local governments;
  • The first two trucks or tractor trucks that are licensed in Virginia and are used for farm use only (as defined by Va. Code Section 46.2-698) and are not licensed in another state; and,
  • Vehicles such as well-drills and cranes if the vehicle is not required to display license plates when moved on Virginia's highways and is operated under a special permit.
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